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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Do you sleep well? Are you getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep? Do you have energy throughout the day? Do you sleep through the night? If you answered NO, to any of these questions, then you need Self Soul Space's sleep tips. A Good Night's Sleep, well what does that entail; at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, that leaves you feeling refreshed & rejuvenated the next day. Here's how we accomplish that...

First thing, you need to evaluate your sleep patterns and schedule. Yes, schedule! What time do you need to wake up in the morning, what time do you usually go to bed. Sleep is imparitive to your health & well-being, it needs to be scheduled! So how many hours are you getting? 5, 6, 7 hours... Many wonder, how can I add more?

You can add more hours to your sleep schedule by creating a sleep routine. A way for your mind and body to unwind from the day; for example: a cup of tea, a nice book, and a little meditation. Sleep routine will help you and your body seperate the day from the night time. I personally start my sleep routine after my kids go to bed. I enjoy watching a little tv, then I shut it off by about 9pm (of course slightly later on Law & Order SVU nights). I might read a little, then it's time to meditate. I shut off the phone, my iPad, the lights, and my thoughts! I say my nightly prayers, and it's good night! Now, if you are a routine early bird, try starting your sleep routine earlier at night, as opposed to trying to add time in the morning. Many times, starting your sleep routine just 30 minutes earlier, can make a world of difference.

But how do we increase the quality of our sleep?

Self Soul Space Sleep Tips:
-Limit your caffine intake in the evening
-Turn off computers, phones, tv during sleep routine time
-Stay active, but plan your workout time farther away from your bedtime
-How late do you eat dinner, try to finish dinner at least 2-3 hours before bed, to help with digestion
-Maintain your sleep routine
-It's okay, to make your bed super comfortable... Buy the sheets, pillows, etc. that will help make your bed a sleep oasis
-Reduce the stress from the day, with a little quiet meditation
-Try to drown out distracting surrounding noise with earplugs or sleep/sound machine (or a fan); like snoring partner, environmental noises, etc.
-Make sure your sleeping temperature is optimal not too hot or too cold
-Clear your head before bed! Don't go to bed angry!

Don't forget that feeling and looking great starts with a Good Night's Sleep. Your body needs sleep to repair, restore, and replenish itself from all of the damage of the day. Now, of course life will happen and your schedule will get off, but adjust and maintain your sleep routine to help your body shut down. If you are still having trouble sleeping, talk to your health care provider for other medical options. Good Night, Sleep Tight!

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