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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Healthy Travel Tips

Summer has begun! And with Summer, we find ourselves on more trips, vacations, and getaways. The beauty is you can stay on track with your healthy habits, even while you travel, but more importantly still enjoy your time away. 😉
Here are some healthy travel tips:
1. Decide if you want this to be a healthy and positive trip!
2. Stick to a consistent breakfast every day while away.
3. Drink tons of water, travel with a refillable water bottle.
4. Sleep, try to stay close to your normal schedule at home.
5. Focus on the activities more than the food, don't forget about your physical activities too.
6. When it comes time to eat, make veggies a priority.
7. Log your happenings, activities and food, help you remember your trip.
8. Don't over pack, no one likes to lug heavy suitcases around.
9. Have fun!
Do you have travel plans this summer?

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