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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Focused Fall

Happy September!
Does it feel like Fall where you live?  Here in Delaware, there have been a few days where it actually felt like Fall, and then it jumps right back to Summer.
Usually with a change in season, a lot of us go through changes in our life.  For me, 3 of the girls are back in school, there are different lessons and practices to get everyone to, as well as my own work schedule. 

Here are a few of my tips to help keep you focused and on track this fall!

Focused Fall Tips:
1. Calendars and Planners are your Friend!  Whether it's a paper or an electronic calendar, pick one up and start using it.  Use different color pens if you manage other people's (kids) schedules. Don't forget to add tentative plans in pencil... sometimes a tentative get together or date night can get forgotten, by another (less fun) event because you forgot about the tentative one.

2. Schedule your Days.  I personally schedule out everyday... what I mean, besides calendar appointments-meetings-practices, I write out each day, either the night before or sometimes at the start of the week. it's crazy, but for sure nothing falls through the cracks! For example:

  • 5am wakeup & get dressed
  • 5:30 eat breakfast
  • 5:45 leave for fitness class
  • 6am Teach Fitness class
  • 6:40 head home
  • 6:50 arrive & finish helping girls get ready for school
  • 7am drink shake
  • 7:30 leave for school
  • 7:50 return home
  • 8am shower
  • 8:30 Work: type up meal plans
  • 9am Mommy & Zoey playtime
  • 10:30 leave to Pick up Veronica from PreK
  • 11am arrive back home & make lunch
  • 11:45 MVZ craft time
  • 12:30 naptime & work-prep for upcoming show & follow up with clients
  • 1:30 put a load in or fold laundry... boo
  • 2:15 start wake V&Z
  • 2:30 leave for carpool
  • 3:15 arrive back home & homework help
  • 4pm start dinner
  • 5pm Family dinner
  • 5:50 leave for cross country practice
  • 6pm XC practice
  • 6:15 Pick up prescription @ Walgreens
  • 7:30 pick up from cross country
  • 7:50 arrive home & shower
  • 8pm Pjs & storytime
  • 8:30 girls lights out
  • 9pm good night Mommy!
3. Make your health a priority! Eat nutritious meals and move your body for at least 30 minutes each day!  And if you manage to miss your workouts, schedule them on your calendar like an appointment. Try adding fall fruits and veggies to your diet.

4. Sleep. get 7-8 hours of sleep each night... even if that means you miss the latest episode of your favorite show, DVR it and go to bed!  Your brain and your body need time off too, so make sleep a priority.

5. Do a Fall clean-out.  Try de-cluttering your home or office, donate old clothes and shoes to local shelter or charity, deep clean your house, deep clean your body with a cleanse, or re-arrange furniture. Fall is a great time to refresh your environment or your body in preparation for the upcoming holidays (yes, I said it).

Try these tips to help keep your Fall more Focused!


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