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Monday, June 2, 2014

Refuel Your Summer Workouts

Baby Veronica and I are here in Dallas, Texas while my mother is attending the International Parking Institue Conference... Side note, yes, my mother is retired, but she serves on a parking authority board.  So, that is why V and I are here.  The weather is beautiful... And HOT! Average 90+ degrees, "unseasonably warm" as Al Roaker said this morning.  After breakfast, I decided to get us out of the resort for a walk (I couldn't run bc I left my jogger back in DE). We walked 1.6 miles in the heat and humidity, with an average pace 15:50/mi.  I was dripping sweat, and she  was cool as a fan, since rode in the shade the whole time, lol.  But it got me thinking, what should we all do to refuel after a hot outdoor workout, or any indoor workout to replenish what is lost and maximize the effort.

Here's what my research revealed and what I recommend...

Power up with protein. Your muscles crave these amino acids to repair and grow. Heed their needs by having 10-20 grams of protein within 30-60 minutes after your workout. Healthy ideas are... peanut butter and banana on rice cakes, hummus and whole wheat pita, low-fat yogurt and berries, tuna on whole wheat bread, or turkey and cheese with apple slices.

Stay hydrated. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends water before and during your workout, as well as drinking 20-24 ounces of water after (instead of sports drinks, which can be loaded with sugar/carbs) to replace fluids lost from sweating, if exercising for less than an hour. Add more fluids during and after, especially sports drinks or supplements (gu, sport chews, etc.) if your workout exceeds an hour. Shoot for 8oz/hour, 2-3 oz every 2mi (approx), and/or 1 glucose/electrolyte replacement for every 45-60 min of effort. However, every person and body is different. Listen to your body, a refuel as needed.  I, personally, refuel with cliff shot blocks every hour during long workouts/runs, and hydrate with a half sport drink-half water mix every 30 min or 2 mi for heavy effort or hour+ workouts. I only use water during yoga and BodyFlow classes.  There are great calculators on the internet, that are weight, temperature, and effort/pace based.

Most importantly, BE SMART and SAFE!  If there is a heat warming or advisory, maybe move your workout to the cool early morning hours or inside with air conditioning.  Good luck and Stay hydrated this summer!

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