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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Body 3 months

Sorry, I'm a week late... Opps.  Kind of forgot.  How has life been the past month?  Well, pretty good. Big girls just wrapped school. Baby girl is sleep thru the night... NOT... Lol, but she's down to just 2 feedings with 3-4 hrs in-between... Not all night, but I'll take it!!
So, What's been happening with my healthy living journey?
Week 1 was all about continuing to train for the 8 person DE marathon relay.  So, I taught 2 classes, completed 2 runs at Glasgow park.  Saturday was the family Run 1 4 fun race, I ran the 1.4 miles with my little runner Mia.  We finished in just under 19 min, constant easy jog, Mia didn't want to stop!  I finished the week with my annual Mother's Day gift... Participating in the DE marathon festivities.  I was a member of the Real Housewives of Delaware 8-lady relay team.  Each member had to run a little over a 5k.  I completed my 3.3 miles at a 11:08 pace.  Not bad, considering I had just got back on the pavement!  Side note: I am really proud of my cousin Lenise, for running with me in her first race!!
Week 2 was an easier week.  I taught Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. I also doubled up with a walk on Tuesday with my cousin Danielle & our babies and taught the late evening bodyflow class.  If you're counting that was 4 classes. I also worked for Toyota that weekend too.
Week 3 was a nice full week... I finally started to add some of the p90x workouts to my workout schedule.  I taught Monday, as usual. Tuesday I doubled up, with spin class in the morning and p90x cardioX in the evening. Wednesday, I attended yogilates. Thursday, I taught, and guess who attended my class... My dear cousin Arthea! And Friday was another walk with Dani and our babies.  I finished the week off with yard work Saturday and Sunday!
Week 4 was another light week, Monday was a holiday... So I took off, plus the YMCA was closed.  Tuesday, I doubled up with a hot walk at Glasgow with dani & our babies and p90x cardio x in the evening.  Wednesday, I refreshed my memory with learning a new (old) release.  On Thursday, I taught my normal class... And boy it was fun! Friday, I took off, as well as the rest of the weekend since baby V and I were flying to Dallas.
Week 5, I was in Dallas. I got out in the crazy heat and walked with baby V for 1.6 miles around the Gaylord complex.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I practiced yoga in my hotel room during nap time.  Then the rest of the week, my workouts were limited, I flew home Thursday, then headed to the Friday after the big girls got out of school.  Saturday was a day for family, I had the option to get up early and out with uncle Michael and run 10 miles... I opted to sleep in, lol. However, Sunday all the ladies of the beach house and little Michael went for a 2 mile walk around cape may point.  Once we got home from the beach Sunday evening, I did my own BodyFlow practice.
Since I was supposed to post this after week 5, and didn't...
Here is Week 6... My birthday week!  I did not run at all this week.  However, I did teach BodyFlow Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  And since it was my birthday Saturday and Veronica's baptism was Sunday.  I just enjoyed the weekend, and did absolutely no workouts.  However, sneak peak... Moving into Monday I needed a workout, badly!  One thing I do every birthday, is I set goals for the next year... My goals for 33, run a half marathon with a better time, run a full marathon- yup I said it, and pick up tennis again.

What does my body look and feel like?
I weigh 134 lbs.
I'm measuring at 30.25" under bust, 34.25" top of bust, 27.5" on my waist, 37" on the hips, and 22.25" around my thigh.
Overall, I'm feeling stronger. I can feel tightness returning to my abs.  My legs are feeling stronger as well.  I'm not feeling as tired as last month, my stamina is starting to return.  Now, honestly, my diet, these past few weeks, hasn't been the best it could be... But I will make it better... Look for my green smoothies to return, lol!
Here are my comparison photos...
Left 4/7, Right 6/16
Left 4/7, Right 6/16

What are my goals the next month?
Start my training program for my full marathon in the fall... Yikes! Continue to vary my workouts throughout the week. And most importantly, eat better! Oh yeah, and get Veronica to sleep through the night!

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