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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Wow... It's Wednesday and it is hot!  Very hot! Does it seem like your air conditioner is running non-stop... Can feel your energy bill going up?  This Wednesday, help your AC and your energy bill by turning on that ceiling or room fan.  Fans help the air circulate, which in turn makes you feel cool. Then you can increase the temp of your air conditioner, so it won't run as often.  The amount of energy a fan or ceiling fan draws is considerably less then your air conditioning unit.  Make sure your ceiling fan is spinning counter-clockwise, for the air to circulate down.  Some other great energy saving tips, draw your blinds/close your curtains, use a programmable thermostat, raise AC temp while out of the house, use minimal lights, and run larger appliances later in the evening when energy rates are lower. Keep your space well, and cool this Wednesday.

P.s. don't forget to stay hydrated, and check on the elderly.

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