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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby Body 6-12 Months

Baby V is 1 year old... and developing wonderfully.  She talks, laughs, crawls, and is able pull herself up to standing and cruising... Almost Walking... Then my real workout will begin, lol.

What's been happening on the workout front.  I've been a little behind in posting this, thanks to a new job :-). So, I will spare you the week by week breakdown.

Month 6, School was back in full force. I was happy to welcome back my regular workout schedule.  BodyFlow, runs, Spin, walks.  Big girls started playing soccer, tennis, and continued swim lessons (even Veronica).  So, I had to keep up with their physical activities.  My training for the full marathon continued... tough, but it was going.

Month 7, thank goodness for Walktober!  Having to get in 10,000 steps in addition to teaching BodyFlow 4-5 times a week allowed me to stay on track with fitness.  And about that new job... I am now the new Youth Wellness Coordinator at the Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA... I love it! It combines my love for fitness and healthy living, with my passion for working with children!  I can't wait to add my touch to the Youth Fitness center and the youth PE programs.  With my new job, and nursing baby V, and she still does not sleep through the night, I had to postpone my marathon training.

Month 8 was great!  I love my new job, and I truly love teaching Flow 4-5 times a week.  Surprisingly, people think because I work in a Gym, I should be able to workout all this time, (I even thought that) NOPE... Not the case at all... Thank goodness for Flow.  Every once in a while, I was able to add Spin and BodyPump to my workout schedule.

Month 9, I really kicked my fitness into gear, by starting out with my first experience with Les Mills GRIT... 2 back to back demo classes... OUCH! That's all I have to say about that.  However, after the demos, I was hooked and wanted to teach this new program.  I continued to teach flow, added more cardio to my regiment, with the occasional BodyPump, Spin, and HIIT classes, to get my butt in gear.  Side note: thanks to Christmas, I packed a couple of extra pounds :-(. On a sad note, my heart took a huge it this month... I lost my best friend, my cousin, my sister, Arthea... Smh... And that's all I have to say about that.

Month 10... Happy new year! Surprise, my GRIT release was ready for download, time to start practicing.  In addition to teaching and running, I practiced GRIT everyday!  I spent most of this month prepping for Les Mills GRIT certification training and working... Boy was this challenging!  Oh, and training... jello comes to mind... However, Muscle over mind... I am stronger than I think! I can and I will do this! What is GRIT you ask? It a 30 min High Intensity Interval Training class, designed to give amazing results in a short amount of time!  There are three classes with GRIT, strength, plyo, and cardio!  Stay tuned and check your local YMCA of DE for the class!

Month 11, wholly moley, I survived 1 of 2 trainings... Now time to prep for Born To Move certification training...  In addition to teaching BodyFlow!! What's Born To Move?  It's a youth fitness class, designed to get kids up and moving with punches, kicks, dancing, games, jumping, core workouts, and a bit of yoga.  Honestly, Running took a backseat because of the physical demand of GRIT... However, I look forward to kicking in back into gear and start training again.

And here we are at Month 12... I am officially a certified Les Mills GRIT instructor, on my way to be a certified Born To Move instructor, and training for the Delaware Half Marathon! My weekly workouts consists of GRIT, running, teaching BodyFlow and Born to Move classes.  I also signed up for a 6am half marathon training group at my YMCA.  For those of you who truly know me, know mornings are not my thing... So we shall see... Wish me luck at 6am... Lol!  Also, lent started, I gave up Wheat for the 40days... Trying to see if elimination aids in my digestion... We shall see.

More than ever, I'm sure you are curious as to what my body looks like 12 months after having baby V... Well, here you go!

As for my measurements... 
130.8 lbs
29.25" bust
26.5" waist
35.25 hips
21.5" thigh
That's over 7" lost from post delivery month 2, and 8lbs!!

Overall, my journey is by no means over, however with hard work and dedication I feel my pre-pregnancy body is back, and maybe a bit stronger!  My advice to the those on the same journey, is enjoy motherhood, and don't worry about the "pregnancy weight".  It will come off, in due time, remember it took nine months to put it on, just enjoy your time with your new baby... it goes by fast, trust me... before you know it... Your newborn is 1!  

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