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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Date Night & Health... Can they go together?

It seems like whenever I have a date night with my husband, or a girls night out my healthy living habits start to go out the window.  Next thing you know, I'm ordering dessert after a few too many food or beverage indulgences.  Then I wondered why do all my "date nights" correspond around food?  So I decided to set my sights on healthier options for my date nights.

First things first, Date night by my definition can be anytime of day, with anyone you enjoy hanging out with; spouse/partner, friends, kids, loved ones, even yourself.  That being said here are some ideas...

Healthy Date Night Ideas:
  • Picnic, find a pretty park or garden, pack a meal and enjoy
  • Bowling, skip the pitchers of beer though
  • Dancing, burns calories and is fun 
  • Go for a walk, enjoy the city or area you are in (beaches can be super romantic)
  • Group Sports, Beach volleyball is a favorite of some of my friends
  • Run/Walk in a charity race together
  • Shopping, my husband and I always make Christmas shopping a date night (walking & weight lifting!)
  • Home improvement projects
  • Take a Class; pottery, cooking, dance, etc...
  • Try New Local Healthy Restaurant 
  • Board Game Night (cards or active video games- i.e. Just Dance)
  • Take in a new exhibit at a museum, doesn't have to be just art, try something different science, car, history, or sports museum
  • Yoga, anyone?
  • Visit a botanical garden
  • Golf, mini or real game can be fun & intimate
  • Spa treatments, good for the body & soul

I know, it's something about food that makes us more comfortable, it let's our guard down.  But you can enjoy the fun of Dates without food (or alcohol) being the main event.  Get your body moving, make the attraction/location the main event and food the after thought.  If you have fun, healthy date night ideas, please share!  Have Fun!

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