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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Are you having a Well Wednesday so far?  I hope so!  This Wellness Wednesday tip is to drink a cup of juice for your wellness... But not just any juice!  Juice can provide additional nutrients and vitamins to the body.  That being said, it should never replace your daily water intake, it is in addition to your daily water intake.  You're probably wondering, 'well what type of juice is good for my wellness'?  Fruit, vegetable, or fruit and veggie combined are the best. Fresh squeezed juice from a juicer or a juice bar are absolute best.  But if looking for bottled juice in the store... read the label. 

Things to look for...
Not from concentrate
No artificial sweetener, or added sugar (high fructose corn syrup and splenda included)
No artificial coloring, or chemical ingredients
Organic is preferred
Minimal ingredients, only fruits and/or veggies
Added calcium is ok orange juice
Stay away from Huggie juices, Hawaiian Punch, Kool-Aid, etc...

Now, keep in mind, juice contains calories, and can be considered empty calories if you choose the wrong juice.  So, if you're minding your caloric intake, be sure to keep track of these too.  Also, juice has natural sugars, and can sit on the teeth, consider cleaning your teeth after drinking juice, as you would after eating, to help prevent cavities.  Choosing juice with made from whole fruits and veggies, is the best way to get the most for each sip.  If you can, try juicing your own juice, be it as simple as orange or apple, or as complicated as spinach, apple, cucumber or beet, carrot, apple... then you can control your ingredients.  Happy Sipping for you Wellness!!

p.s.  since it is fall, visit a local orchard for some fresh apple cider, yum!!

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