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Monday, October 14, 2013

New Snack: Gold Emblem Baked Rice Crisps

My Family loves snacks, healthy ones and unhealthy ones.  As an allergy household, our snack selection can be limited at times.  Many times, I am asked what snacks do I eat, and what on earth do I feed my kids?  Well, with that in mind, CVS Pharmacy and Gold Emblem asked me to taste test, and review their new Baked Rice Crisps.  
The Rice crisps are gluten free, minimal ingredients, low in sodium, and zero trans fat.  30 chips equal a serving size (yum), with only 120-140 calories, 3g of fat, 1-2g of protein.  So, the kids, hubs, and I sat down to try the Sea Salt Baked Rice Crisps, and the Barbeque Baked Rice Crisps.  The kids loved the geometric shapes of the crisps, especially Mia, because their learning about diamonds, circles, hexagons, etc in school.  They both said "Ooo, Fun, shapes!"  

The Sea Salt flavor was Jordan's and my favorite flavor.  They are crispy, and are great by themselves or with a dip. After trying them by themselves, I tried them in hummus and in my yogurt herb dip, extra yummy.  Baked rice crisps are a great substitute for potato chips, because of the salty-crunchy flavor.  Jordan said "these are crunchy, I like 'em." My husband said "they're not bad", translation: he'll eat them again, and he did.

The Barbeque flavor was my husband's and Mia's favorite flavor.  They had a more flavor, but not too much, that the Barbeque overpowered the snack.  Which makes them a yummy snack for kids.  Mia ate the crisps, then licked her fingers to get more of the Barbeque flavor!  My husband said "now, these don't taste healthy, yum!"  He was also pleasantly surprised when I showed him how many crisps you can eat for a serving vs. how many potato chips are in a serving size.

Here's a basic comparison, 
Gold Emblem's Sea Salt Baked Rice Crisps
Serving size, about 30 crisps
140 calories
3g of fat
110mg sodium 
2g protein

Lay's Classic Potato Chips
Serving size, about 15 chips
160 calories
10g of fat
170mg sodium
2g protein

So, if you're looking for a healthier-crunchy-allergy friendly snack, try Gold Emblem's Baked Rice Crisps.  You won't be sorry! The Baked Rice Crisps can be found in a 3.5oz bag at your local CVS pharmacy, and the average price is $2.49 a bag.  They are Self Soul Space and Thayer family recommended!  Happy snacking!

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