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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Earth Day, Friends!  Well, really it was Monday, however in the Thayer household we try to celebrate Earth Day everyday. And for this Wellness Wednesday, that's my tip. Don't just help the environment on Earth Day, but everyday!  A healthy space is a key component to a truly healthy lifestyle.
That being said, this is what we did to celebrate earth day:

  • We worked on the Thayer Family Garden; planted seeds in reused Chobani cups.
  • We made flower vases out of recycled water bottles
  • We had a power-free afternoon; no lights, no electronics (except to take pictures)
  • We had a Meatless Dinner; pizza!
  • We collected toys to donate to the Goodwill
  • We conserved water; girls took a speed shower, instead of a long 'water wasting' bath

Those are just a few ideas, get creative.  Celebrate Earth Day everyday, even on Wellness Wednesday!

*Stay tuned, to see how the Thayer Garden does this year... Fingers crossed... Let's hope my thumb turns green, unlike last year's.


  1. Your girls are so adorable! I love all the things you did for Earth Day!!