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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

I know many of us are breathing a sigh of relief this Wednesday, since monday's tax day is done & over with!  April 15, can be a very stressful day for many (me included).... Many people end up owing the federal and state governments a lot of money... Not fun!  However, if you've managed to over pay the government throughout last year, you're getting a refund, ya-hoo! And depending on how early you filed, you could have your refund in hand already.  So, for this Wellness Wednesday, here are some ideas to use your tax refund to help the health of your Self, Soul, and Space.


Gym membership
Sign up for a series of yoga or fitness classes
Hire a personal trainer
Visit a nutritionist 
For better sleep; buy a new mattress, pillows, and/or sheets

Go on a spa vacation or meditation retreat
Take a class at a community college; learn to cook, or a new language
Make a donation to your place of worship or your favorite charity
Pay off debt, or make a dent in it.
Save for retirement, for peace of mind later on down the road

Sign up for recycling service
Have a water filtration system put into your house
Buy energy efficient appliances
Buy an above ground garden; plant fruit & veggies for the summer
Buy a new fuel efficient vehicle, hybrid-electric, or maybe even a new bike

Now, these are just some ideas.  Be creative, make your tax refund help to improve your wellness.  Have a well Wednesday, friends!

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