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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolutions or Goals?

Every year, as a new year approaches people make their list of resolutions. But how many of us loose focus come February? Don't be shy, be honest... Raise your hand (mine is raised)! So last year, instead of make lofty resolutions, I made a list of short term & long term goals that will be completed in the future. Then I outlined the steps to get me to acheiving my goals.
Some of my personal short term goals:
run a half marathon
recycle more
continue to fill my house with healthy organic foods
spend more quality time with my loved ones
Some of my long term goals include:
become a certified personal trainer & yoga instructor
help my extended family get on a healthy life path
get out of debt
save more money
continue to spread the info from Self Soul Space to anyone who is willing to listen (in the community, online, etc)

What are your goals?

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