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Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat, Move Your Feet

Happy Halloween!!
Halloween is associated with haunted houses, ghastly costumes, and piles of candy, but it also offers a spooktacular opportunity for walking.

Trick-or-treating. Map out a path that allows for 30-60 minutes of walking while taking kids around the neighborhood; bring strollers or wagons that little ones can hop aboard when their legs get tired. For safety, remember a flashlight, walk in groups, stay on sidewalks, and visit only well-lit and trusted homes.

Outside the neighborhood. If mingling with the creatures of the night isn’t your thing, head to the mall, where you can walk in bright, climate-controlled conditions; call and ask about dates and times that retailers will be handing out treats. Visit local school district or parks and recreation department sites to find schedules of Halloween-themed events, and see if they’re in walking distance. Also, check out community calendars and websites for holiday-inspired 5Ks and zombie walks.

Get out and move, try to stay away from the mini candy bars...
Trick or Treat!

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