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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year, A Better You!

2013 is coming to an end... Do you remember your goals or resolutions from December 31, 2012?  Did you stick to them? Did you achieve your goals?  This year instead of saying 'a new me', what you will change, not going to do next year, good bye to the past! Why not set goals to make the year better for you, your soul, and your environment... And learn from the past year.  I wish for everyone a 2014 full of happiness, healthfulness, peace, abundance, positivity, and gratitude.  I encourage you to write down your goals for this year, and share them with close friends and loved ones.  So, they can hold you accountable.

My 2013 Goals were:
Run another Half marathon, with an improved time
Become a personal trainer/fitness/or yoga instructor
Continue to build Self Soul Space, maybe even webisodes
Get out of Debt
Re-learn how to ride a bike... Not a spin class bike.
Improve my swimming stamina... For future participation in a  triathlon
Continue to spread positivity, happiness, peacefulness, and healthy living

How did I do? 
I ran another half marathon in May and shaved 5 minutes off my time.  I became a certified Les Mills instructor over the summer.  I featured more recipes and and started a YouTube channel for Self Soul Space.  We are still working to get 100% out of debt.  I have not relearned how to ride a bike nor increased my swimming stamina, due to a big life changing discovery in July.  And I always try to spread positivity, happiness, peacefulness, and healthy living tips in my everyday life, connections, and fitness classes.  

2014 Goals:
Run another Half Marathon (maybe 2), with an improved time (again)
Work towards becoming a personal trainer and/or nutritionist 
Bring webisodes to Self Soul Space
Continue to work on debt
Relearn to ride a bike
Improve swimming stamina 
Participate in a family fitness event
Improve meditation
Continue to spread Positivity, Happiness, and Healthy Living ways
Enjoy being a Mother of 3!!!

With your goals, make sure to assign a plan to you goals... Because a goal without a plan, is just a wish... Make it happen, and make 2014 a Better Year!
Happy New Year from our family to you and yours!

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