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Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekends: healthy, fit, and fun for everyone

It's the weekend, and what are you going to do? I find myself trying to think of something to do every weekend. Things we can do as a family, things for just my husband and I, things for me and my girlfriends, and honestly, things for just me to do too. After a long work week, the last thing anyone wants to do is rush around, and not enjoy their weekend. But how do we stay active, eat healthy, and still relax over the weekend. Here are some of my ideas for healthy weekend activites, whether it's date night, family day, girls/guys night out, or a "me myself & I" date.

Bowling: this is a guaranteed strike, when it comes to healthy activity for people of all ages, anytime of day, anywhere. It's fun as a pair, or with a group.

Cooking/baking class: learn to make different cuisines, there are even ones for kids... If you're in the DE area check out Chefs Haven in Hockession, DE (http://www.chefshavenonline.com) or even your local Williams Sonoma.

Spa Night: you can go out to your favorite salon for a spa night, or you can do one at home for more fun and on a budget. Manicures, pedicures, facials, or even massages. Check out www.wholeliving.com for their At-home Spa Guide, or find a Mary Kay consultant in your area.

Home Improvement: this is a great way to get the blood pumping while improving your Space. A great time to recruit friends & kids to help. Gardening, spring cleaning, and painting are easier ways, but if you want to remodel your bathroom, have fun!

Bike Ride: go for a bike ride, solo or with someone/a group. Look for scenic locations; beach, lake, park, historic areas, or even just your neighborhood... For a special treat, ride your bike to your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, for a sweet reward!

Yoga class: take a yoga class. This is a wonderful way to work and relax the body all at the same time. There are even family yoga classes. Namaste!

Walk & a Picnic: pack a healthy meal in reusable containers, and head out to your favorite park or beach. Enjoy the time with a leisurely stroll and a yummy meal. If you're with another, pack a frisbee or some kites. As the weather gets warmer, some parks offer live music, bonus! But don't forget your picnic blanket!

Book Stores: antique or your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, are wonderful ways to spend your weekend. Grab a coffee or a tea, find a good book, snag a cozy chair, and let your mind drift into the pages. With kids, this is another awesome way to show them reading is fun!

Walking Tour: whether your visiting or it's your hometown, go on a walking tour. You'll see and learn things your never knew before. In DE, there are tours of the historic houses & buildings of Dover, Old New Castle, Lewis, and Georgetown. Amazon.com even sells books/maps so you can take your own walking tour where ever you are without a tour guide.

Botanical Gardens: visit, enjoy, learn, and breathe in all of the wonderful smells and the beauty these gardens have to offer. Longwood Gardens in PA is one of our favorite places to visit, all year round (www.longwoodgardens.org), they have a spectacular Christmas display. Plus you get in about 2-3 miles worth of walking.

Group Sports: these can be as fun or competitive as you want them to be; volleyball, basketball, flag football, and an oldie but goodie, kickball. Get some friends, kids, family members together and get moving!

Dancing: time to put on those dancing shoes, and get boogieing! Leave the robot at home though. Don't feel like going out, try Just Dance for the xBox or the Wii... It is soooooo much fun, I work up a sweat every time !!

Volunteer: this is a great way to giveback, which is very healthy for your soul and space! Find places in your area that need your help, we have a great website in DE, www.volunteerdelaware.org that connects volunteers with the organizations.

Roller/Ice Skating: when was the last time you put on a pair of skates? It's fun, family friendly, and some rinks even have adult only skate times. This is not only a good workout for your body, but for your soul as well because you will laugh and let go, every time you or someone else with you falls.

Museums: visit a art or historic museum, learn and take in the culture, relax in the quietness... Unless your at the Delaware Children's Mueseum, then let your inner child out and have fun!

These are just some of my ideas for having a healthy, fun, and fit weekend. By no means should you squeeze them into one weekend, then your back to a jammed packed-non relaxing weekend. Grab your partner, your kids, your friends (or leave them all at home) and go have fun! Stay healthy this weekend, Self, Soul, and Space!

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